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Treating Wrinkles Naturally

 The aging process is the major culprit for wrinkles and they cannot be avoided especially when our skin losses the elasticity is has enjoyed when we were young. There are so many procedures and processes offered to us to treat wrinkles and they can range from manufactured cosmetic materials to surgical procedures and others. Some of the more notable treatment ideas are laser surgery, chemical peels and facial creams.


All these are costly and you may need to have a good amount of cash on hand to be able to finish the procedures or continually buy the commercial creams or lotions. The best place to look for an alternative source of wrinkle treatment is to go to your kitchen or backyard and check for home remedies that are easily supplied and cheap. Here are some home remedies for treating wrinkles at and making you look younger, one is coconut oil.


Coconut oil protects the skin from oxidation and formation of free radicals. It acts as a natural moisturizer and has emollients that reduces wrinkles. Coconut oil can be massaged into the skin and left overnight for a vibrant, younger looking skin in the morning. The fine lines in your face are reduced after leaving coconut oil overnight. Not only does coconut oil reduce wrinkles but it also helps protect the skin from sun damage. Another practical remedy is the application of banana as face mask.


Banana is a healthy fruit and can be mashed to be applied as a face mask to promote skin healing and reduction of wrinkles. Mashed banana can be combined with a teaspoon of orange juice or plain yogurt and left in the face for ten to fifteen minutes. It also promotes skin healing and prevention of free radical damage brought about by oxidation and sun exposure.  Read to gain more info about skin care.


Topical vitamin C at is crucial in skin management because the replenishment of vitamin C to our cells helps hasten the repair of sun damage, discoloration, drying or flaking. If you are not a fan of fruits and other materials to place in your face, then you can settle for silk fabrics as pillow cases. We sleep almost a third of our lives and sleeping helps rejuvenate the skin of the body. The pillow case is the most frequent material that touches our skin and to avoid wrinkles is recommended that we sleep with our back and change our pillow cases to silk materials in order to prevent etching of sleep lines into our face.